Six Chapters Down...

This Love's Not for Sale - Ella Dominguez

So for the last three chapters there has been a lot of Tucker trying to seduce Lilliana - getting a little bit, then getting shut down. She's fighting an inner battle with being both sexually attracted to him and thinking he's an egocentric, devious jerk off. 


He'll try to hypnotize her with his crotch, like so:

(I apologize to Jensen Ackles for using a gif of his crotch as an example of this douche bag.)


Then Lilliana is like:


Let's go chapter by chapter, shall we?


Chapter 3: 
We learn more about Lilliana's past. She was once married to a rich playboy, but divorced him, didn't take any money, and has done just fine for herself. Good for her! She shows that she has self-respect and can make it on her own without her ex-husband's help. 


THEN she goes on to fantasize about Tucker and all of his dickishness, admitting she would like him to take control of her. 

After this we are treated to a wonderful display of her clumsiness

- because every heroine of every erotic novel is a klutz.  She decides to rip up his business card and throw it in the sink. I was hoping she would then set it on fire, but no such luck. 


The chapter then changes to Tucker's point of view, and we get to read his lovely misogynistic thoughts and then a graphic masturbation scene. 


Chapter 4: 

She walks out of the dental office where she works to find him sitting on her car, shit-eating grin on his face. He tries to talk her into having dinner with him, she says no, then this happens: 

She moved towards her car door and dug out her keys, but Tucker promptly grabbed them from her hands. p. 32

Yes, he takes her keys, preventing her from leaving, and won't give them back until she promises to follow him to his office. Because giving her pretty much no other option is a great way to get your way. I personally would have gone back inside and called a cab, but she decides to follow him because, well, he's sexy. 


At his office she meets a redhead named Ariel, which Lilliana laughs about due to the obvious reference to The Little Mermaid, and Ariel follows up with, "I know. Cliche, right?" (Yes, yes it is, and your admittance to your own lack of creativity isn't cute and self-aware, it's bashing the reader over the head with a joke that we understood without needing an explanation.)

While at the office, Lilliana tells Tucker off when he gets too fresh with her, and he tells her she needs a spanking. He gets ticked off when she has a two-second conversation with so-far-unnecessary-Ariel, because she keeps him waiting.

When she offers him a snarky retort, he gets angry and offers this lovely gem of dialogue: 
"That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble every time. I won't ever disrespect you and I expect the same courtesy in return."
What now?! You disrespect her all the time! Or do you think telling her she needs to be "spanked and fucked" is a sign of respect? Ass. 


He gets close to her, runs his fingers over her face, and she loses composure, panting like a bitch-in-heat. 

DAMMIT!! NO!! *smacks Lilliana with rolled up newspaper* STOP IT! FIND YOUR SELF-RESPECT! FIND IT!


Chapter 5: 
Begins while they are still in the office. She has regained her composure, shuts Tucker down when he tries to kiss her, and reads a file he just-so-happens to keep on his desk top that is all about him. Of course, why wouldn't an egomaniac keep such a thing on his computer? 

He tells her their dinner reservations are in twenty minutes, she says she never agreed to dinner, and he cockily tells her it's her choice whether she meets him for dinner or not. She opts for the latter, and that pisses him off. How dare she stand HIM up?! (Dude, it's not standing you up if she never promised to meet you.) So, what does he do? Shows up at her house, forces his way in, and demands that she make him a tasty dessert since she made him eat alone! 

Lilliana: "Look, I'm not sure what you think is going to happen here, but you really need to leave."

Tucker: "And I will, after you've prepared something sweet for me. I hope you can cook, Ms. Norris. I'm in the mood for something sweet." *takes off jacket, loosens tie, makes it clear he's not going anywhere.* p. 46


This would be when I would have told the prick to get the hell out before I call the damn cops, but, to my dismay, she relents and starts to head to her bedroom to change. He commands her not to, and, again, she relents, walks into the kitchen and begins preparations for apple crisp. 


Chapter 6: 

Takes place almost entirely in Lilliana's kitchen. They talk while she prepares the apples. She admits she had braces as an adult, to which he replies: 
"A mouth full of metal? Real sexy. Tell me, though, how does one go about giving head with braces on?" p. 48

What was that you said about respect, back in chapter 4, Tucker? Because I don't think either this comment nor forcing your way into a woman's house and demanding she bake for you count as acts of respect. 

Lilliana will back me up on this! Isn't that right, Lilliana? Lilliana? 


Lilliana: *giggles nervously and continues to peel apples* 
Tucker: *grins at her lecherously and sidles up to her, thinking to himself how she needs to be dominated and he's just the man for the job.*



Tucker then takes it upon himself to tell her that she's cutting the apples wrong - and begins to instruct her on how to do it properly. 
My reaction: 
Lilliana's reaction: *grinds butt into his crotch* 

Me: "You're hopeless, Lilliana." 
Tucker: "See, it needs to be perfect, like you." p. 50
Lilliana: "He says the sweetest things! It's been so long since I've felt a man's touch! I'd nearly forgotten how good it feels! OOOOHHH!" 
Me: "That's not sweet talk, that's bullshit, honey. It would be sweet if he actually mean't it, but he doesn't - and if you knew the things he really thought about you, you'd know he definitely doesn't think you're perfect. A perfect ejaculate container, maybe - but not perfect as a woman. Also, a man's touch is great and all, but don't give it up to a man as undeserving as Tucker! Seriously, there are other solutions!" 
See? Anya knows what's up! 


...he inched his mouth down her spine and slipped her shorts down to her ankles, exposing her bare ass. 
..."Tucker," Lilliana said uneasily as she began to turn around. 
Tucker gripped her hips firmly, holding her in place so that she couldn't resist him or move. 
"Hush, Ms. Norris," he snarled as he bit into her ass cheek. Lilliana squealed and he licked and nibbled her other cheek in response.
p. 51

My response: 
Yes, I would have farted in his face. Serves him right, biting at my ass! That's what happens when you don't ask for permission, asswhipe.


Lilliana gets uncomfortable and asks him to stop. She tells him she doesn't want to have sex with him, because she fears she might regret it - he gets pissed. He then proceeds to manipulate her feelings for the rest of the chapter, acting hurt when she voices her suspicions that he's only trying to get in her pants to get his hands on her land - even though that is EXACTLY what he's doing, HOW DARE SHE BE SUSPICIOUS!! He talks her into kissing him, then throws her down on the kitchen table, stripping her of her shirt. She has to ask him more than once to stop before he does. 


We do learn three good things about Tucker in this chapter set: he's a hard worker and

has built his wealth on his own, he helps his parents out financially, and he's never cheated on a wife. He also seems to feel a little bad for being a devious little turd in regards to the manipulation he's subjecting Lilliana to, but not much. 


Lilliana got off some good zingers at his expense, but she's wavering a lot more now. She should be saying this to him: 
Instead she's floundering like an imbecile. Self-respect, motherfucker, do you still have it?! 


As for Tucker, this is all I want to do to him:
Only 84% to go....