Two Chapters In ... "Fifty Shades of Realty."

This Love's Not for Sale - Ella Dominguez

Yes, this is a "romance" based on the possession of real estate. 


What I like so far: 
Lilliana - the main character. She is feisty and not willing to let sleaze bag, Tucker, get the better of her - at least, not so far. She has some great ways of telling him off, and I love it. 


"It just so happens that I admire all of your teeth, but it's your ass I want off my property." p. 17

(She's his dental hygienist.) 


"How dare you presume to know my needs. You have no idea what makes me tick. I'm no little girl, Mr. McGrath. I'm a lady and a grown woman with desires you'll never comprehend. It's very obvious to me that from your attitude, I doubt you know what any woman needs." p. 19


"You can't even begin to fathom the amount of fucks I do not give about what you want. You know the way out." p. 20



I LOVE IT! I hope she doesn't drop the ball and become another simpering idiot like the infamous Anastasia Steele. 


What I dislike: 

TUCKER MCGRATH! Everything about this man makes me want to punch him in the face. Seriously. Here are some lovely gems to give you insight into this wonderful man. 



Tucker wanted nothing more than a good look at her ass. He could deal with a boring personality, in fact, he had on many occasions, but having an unattractive ass was a deal-breaker for him. p.10

Well, it's good he has his priorities in order. He sure seems like a winner!



Tucker and attempted to strike up a polite conversation with him. By her body language, it was obvious to Tucker that she was interested in him, though she seemed a little juvenile for his tastes. p. 10 (Bold emphasis is mine.)
Aside from the obvious grammatical errors, (and who? Is the dental assistant he's trying to talk to male or female because we have some serious pronoun mixing going on here.) we are reading about a man who just spent a paragraph wondering what Lilliana's ass looked like, saying the dental assistant is too juvenile for him. I think this man's perception of maturity is just a tad bit skewed.


Yes, that's what she needed - a good bit of discipline. p. 10
No, you need a dose of "BACK THE FUCK OFF!" Seriously, you don't even know her name and you're already plotting her punishments?! But, darling Tucker, what if her ass isn't up to your standards? Whatever will you do?! 



To his dismay, the femme fatale in desperate need of a spanking was nowhere to be found. p. 11 
Hmm...maybe she could sense you're a creeper with a plot to spank her, so she got the hell out of dodge? Or, you know, she she could be working on another patient, otherwise known as doing her job. I know, I know, how dare she work when the almighty Tucker McGrath is in the building?!


...he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and was horrified at his own reflection ... It was no wonder the hygienist hadn't shown any interest in him ... p. 11



And that couldn't possibly be because she could sense your eyes all over her or disliked the way you talked to her! *Channels Carly Simon and begins to sing* "You're so vain, you probably think Lill cares about you / you're so vain, you creepy ass douche nozzle ..."


He was annoyed with himself that he couldn't remember if he had his cock in her or not because surely he would've remembered dicking such a lovely specimen. p. 14



Grammatically, I believe this should either read, "he'd had" or "he had had" - otherwise it sounds like he can't remember that he's in the middle of boning her. Also, there should be a comma between "because" and "surely." 
I also love that she's nothing but a specimen to him - something to stare at and bone whenever he feels like it. Objectification - I know it's what I most desire in a man! 


Tucker was defensive and was quickly becoming irritated with Lilliana's insolence. Twice in one day he had a vision of a woman bent over his knee with red ass cheeks. p. 15

So, if you don't give Tucker his way, you're automatically an insolent child that needs a spanking. My, what a lovely slice of misogyny that is! Methinks it is Tucker who should have been spanked more as a child, maybe then he wouldn't be so stuck on himself and focused on always getting his own way. 



Tucker hadn't felt the uneasiness of a beautiful woman in a very long time and he found it enthralling that she could  at least recognize his animalistic intentions and power, despite her willfulness and disobedience. p. 16

Disobedience?! There is no reason for her to OBEY you! It's HER property, you have NO LEGAL RIGHT to it! Also, all relationships are off to a healthy start when the woman is slightly frightened of the man. ...And the misogyny continues. 



Tucker suddenly wondered what it would feel like to have those full lips wrapped around his shaft and that sharp tongue licking his big balls. He bet her smart-ass mouth would look absolutely divine glistening with his warm cum. p. 18

Well that's ... disgusting imagery. Once again, she's nothing more than an object - a receptacle for his ejaculate. This guy need those "big balls" kicked in.



"...a good hard fuck is exactly what you need, little girl," he answered ferociously. p. 19
Funny, I think you need a good kick in the nuts, dickwad. 



...he considered turning his car around, busting in and taking what he wanted. There was no doubt she, too, felt the sexual tension flickering between them, but he'd been wrong before and he didn't want that scene played out again. p. 21
Does this mean he either nearly raped or succeeded in raping someone before, due to his presumption that she wanted him to bang her? That is so comforting. Lilliana, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS DUDE!!


Lilliana: *pouts and ponders over the card containing his personal phone number*





There are also plenty of grammatical errors and weird descriptions. 

He had skin a warm shade of praline p. 13

What the hell color is this? It's based on a food, and since it is both dough and based on a flesh-like color, I'm assuming it's a tan/light brown. I'm not against comparing color to food, if it's a common food - praline is not. 


...those lips - heart-shaped, generously curved and the color of amaranth. p. 14

The dictionary defines this as a shade of purple. Her lips are PURPLE?! Is she asphyxiating?!


I'm only 5% in, and the only thing keeping me interested is Lilliana. Either way, I rarely DNF, so a lot of snark is forecasted for the future.