Probably Going to Finish This Today

Fearscape - Nenia Campbell

Well, I got a Kindle for Christmas, so naturally, I went and bought both Fearscape and its sequel, Horrorscape, as soon as I could. Having been following/friends with author, Nenia Campbell for a while now, and reading about these books, I couldn't wait to read them. The plot is right up my alley, and so far, I haven't been disappointed. 


At first it was a little slow going for me, as I found it hard to relate to Val. At first I wasn't sure if I liked Val - she's rather immature and fairly disrespectful to her mother, who seems to only have the best intentions. I know she's like this because she's a younger teen, but she can be a little bratty and irritating. Yet, I still worry for her - maybe it's her naive nature that makes me want to protect her?


I really don't like Lisa, though. She has the same irritating points as Val, only multiplied. Plus, she's rude to everyone and seems to care more about Val's social standing than her feelings. Maybe she will change or, at the very least, begin to grow on me, now that the plot has really kicked into gear. 


I may just be bothered by these characters because they are typical, know-it-all, bratty teens. I'm sure I acted like this once - probably more like Val than Lisa, but, God, do I hate to admit it!


Oddly, despite that I know  the truth about Gavin, I find him sexy. Hmm...what does that say about me? lol.


What started out slow for me has become a page turner. I will probably be finished with it tonight.