Finished with "Apt Pupil," Now Onto "The Body."

Different Seasons - Stephen King

Finally finished "Apt Pupil" - there's a story that I'm going to rip into. Not that it wasn't well-written, it was, which is partially why it caused me so much rage. The characters were thoroughly despicable in every detail and I'm glad they got what was coming to them. 


Thankfully, I'm now onto "The Body," which, so far, seems to have been very closely followed by the film based on it, "Stand by Me." I'm actually seeing the kids and the settings in my head, remembering much of the dialog and scenes as they played out in the movie. I love it when I read the book after seeing the film and it turns out that the film stayed true to the source material. (I try to read the book before seeing the film whenever possible, but occasionally it happens in reverse, like now.) I definitely need a good story to stamp out the rage caused by Todd in "Apt Pupil."