Hooked from the Beginning (p. 50)

Lust Killer - Ann Rule

I love Ann Rule. There is a reason she is considered the queen of True Crime writing. Although the writing style is a bit different than what I'm used to, this is also one of her earlier efforts, and it's nice to see how her writing has progressed over the years. As always she brings the victims and the killer to life, making them seem equally human. Despite Jerry Burdos's violent acts, he never comes off as inhuman - rather Rule gives us his childhood history of neglect and rejection from his mother, as well as a history of mental illness which was never properly treated. A lot of factors go into creating a serial killer, but these two things combined undoubtedly gave him a good push in that direction. Also, girls, come forward about any sexual assault - your story may lead to stopping a predator before he progresses to something much worse.