Almost Done (p.187)

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

It's probably bad that I like the murderous monster over Victor Frankenstein, but I can't help it. All of this atrocity could have been prevented if Victor had taken responsibility for his creation in the first place. The being was a gentle giant until he faced nothing but rejection and violence, even as a response from people he only did good things for. Victor cries about how miserable he is, and how it is his fault that four innocents have lost their lives at the hands of his creation - but he never puts a stop to it. The monster promised him the violence would cease if Victor would do one thing for him - but Victor refuses due to his own paranoia. I can't sympathize with a character who only ever thinks of himself and how miserable he is. The fact that he didn't think to warn his family about his vengeful creation, to try and protect them, is annoying. Victor, stop your whining. You only have yourself to blame.